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  • 01. Optometrist competences?

    Optometric care - the part of personal health care that includes the examination of vision, refraction of the eye and its abnormalities, correction with spectacles and/or contact lenses, and the issuing of prescription charts for spectacles and/or contact lenses.
    Find out more about optometrist's rights, duties and competences:

  • 02. What conditions must be met to practise as an optometrist?

    The right to practise as an optometrist shall be vested in a person:
    - qualified as an optometrist;
    - holding a valid personal health care licence to practise as an optometrist in accordance with the professional qualification of optometrist.

  • 03. How and where do I get my qualification as an optometrist?

    The professional qualification of optometrist shall be obtained by completing a university undergraduate degree in optometry, or an equivalent higher education qualification, together with a bachelor's degree in health sciences in a field of medical technology.
    You can access the study programme for optometrists at Vilnius University Faculty of Medicine:

  • 04. Who is an optometrist?

    An optometrist is a personal health care professional who carries out an initial vision screening.

  • 05. How much does membership cost?

    Members must pay a one-off joining fee of €50 and an annual membership fee of €30 at the details provided:

    Lithuanian Association of Optometrists

    Company code: 300551483

    AB SEB Bankas

    Bank code 70440

    A/S No LT 287044060005448569


    Where to go?


    If you wish to become a member of the Lithuanian Association of Optometrists, please submit a written application to the Association's e-mail address:

    or contact +370 686 84452

  • 06. How to become a LOA member?

    To become a member of the LOA, you must submit a written application to the Association's email address or contact us by phone:
    Tel. No. +370 686 84452

  • 07. Why join LOA?

    Membership in the association gives members the opportunity to participate in the organisation's activities and events, to receive up-to-date professional information and to contribute to the development of optometric traditions in Lithuania.

  • 08. Who can become an LOA member?

    Membership is open to persons who have obtained a professional qualification as an optometrist or who are studying to become one.

  • 09. How many refresher hours do I need to collect to renew my licence?

    The duration of compulsory refresher training for optometrists shall be at least 60 hours every 5 years.
    Find out more about the licensing rules and professional development requirements for personal health care professionals:

  • 10. What kind of institution can an optometrist work in?

    A healthcare professional may practise as an optometrist in an establishment licensed to provide the relevant personal healthcare services.

  • 11. Where can I work after qualifying as an optometrist?

    Successful completion of optometry studies will allow you to work in hospitals, clinics, public and private personal health care institutions, optical salons, social care institutions, as well as companies producing optical technologies.