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History of LOA

Key facts about the Association

Healthy eyes - healthy vision - healthy life

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University of Šiauliai

The first batch of optometrists.

In 2004, Šiauliai University graduated its first optometric graduates. The new profession was in great demand in Lithuania and immediately became a sought-after profession on the labour market. However, the new specialty lacked legal regulation. As the number of specialists grew and the demand for optometrists increased, the need for legal regulation became necessary.

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Establishment of the Optometric Association (OA)

The Steering Group - Bronislovas Daukšas, Violeta Šlekienė, Dovilė Ruginė and Ramūnė Juodienė.

In order to fully represent the interests of optometrists, this group established the Optometric Association (OA) in 2006. Bronislovas Daukšas was the first President of the Association. His term of office lasted more than 10 years. Since 18 March 2018. Vaida Kačergienė has been elected President of the OA.

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Association of Optometrists

The name of the Association has changed

3 March 2019 The General Congress of the Optometrists' Association in Vilnius has decided to change the name of the Association to Lithuanian Optometrists' Association (LOA).

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Lithuanian Optometric Association

Brings together more than 170 professionals.

The LOA currently has more than 170 optometrists. Each year, the LOA organises a general congress of its members to address issues of relevance to optometrists, as well as professional development seminars and conferences.